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About Us

The ultimate blend of peace and calm.

A unique hideaway set amongst beautiful landscapes synonymous with the outlying islands of Hong Kong.

Here creativity and community combine; style and sustainability fuse. Outdoor activities and nutritious field-to-fork meals supporting local communities with minimal environmental impact. It is a place for rest, relaxation, recovery, reconnection and rediscovery. A place for family and for friendship. For self, and for community. If you're looking for the perfect worlds-away hideaway – you've found it.


What We Do

Latte Art
Piece of Honeycomb

The Farm

When it comes to food and farming at The Hideout, we're focused on being as sustainable and self-sufficient as possible:

We're committed to locally-produced ingredients supplemented from our idyllic landscapes of gardens and flowering orchards.

  • Square-foot gardening plots  - allow us to grow our own produce in our organic vegetable gardens, and use them in our food & beverages.

  • Renting our square foot gardens to the community – so they can farm their own produce

Food and Drinks

Eating local means less pollution, more economic support for the region's independent farmers and better quality, feel-good food.

Our extensive range of food & drink will satiate the appetite of every foodie and includes:

  • Coffee, tea

  • Pastries

  • Farm to table dining

Workshop and Experience

Our outdoor experiences based in our gardens and farming plots are the perfect way to make new connections and make lasting memories.

  • Vegetable farming - Get green-fingered with our dedicated vegetable farming workshops that let you get hands on and understand the farm-to-table process.

  • Bee Farming - Feeling the buzz of the flora and fauna? Our beekeeping experiences let you see how to keep and nurture bees, and learn about their crucial role.