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About Us

The ultimate blend of peace and calm.

A sacred and spiritual hideaway set amongst beautiful landscapes synonymous with the outlying islands of Hong Kong.

Here creativity and community combine; style and sustainability fuse. Outdoor activities and nutritious field-to-fork meals supporting local communities with minimal environmental impact. It is a place for rest, relaxation, recovery, reconnection and rediscovery. A place for family and for friendship. For self, and for community. If you're looking for the perfect worlds-away hideaway – you've found it.


Our Intention

A reclusive centre for wellness and isolation; secluded from the city; you're invited to wander around, take in your surroundings and reflect on the concept of wellness – wellness of the land, the body, the mind and the community.

Our Mission

Guided by our principles of sustainability, authenticity, collaboration, innovation, reflection, transparency and growth; it's during this process that we seek to create a ripple effect which can transform the wellness of ourselves and the greater community.

Harvesting Crop Field

Our Value

Our commitment to eco-sustainability, creativity, authenticity and innovation, are enmeshed in our daily work. We're passionate and enthusiastic in everything we do, going beyond expectations. We're collaborators and innovators, forward-thinkers that challenge the status quo, and are always curious. Our commitment to minimising our environmental impact, and focusing on how we care for our guests and the planet, all adds up to guest experiences that go exceed the greatest of expectations.

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